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Functional Android

For the most part, programming in Android has meant living in the imperative programming world. Recently, many aspects of functional programming have become standard with the adoption of Kotlin and RxJava. What does it mean to use functional paradigm properties in our Android code, and how can it help us? In this talk you’ll learn some of the fundamentals of functional programming, and what this might look like on Android.

droidcon NYC | Watch | Slides

Rabat Kotlin User Group | Slides

Chicago Kotlin Users Group | Slides

SoftwareGR | Watch | Slides

Nerd Interface | Slides

Hope College Computer Science Colloquium | Watch | Slides

Other Stuff

You can also find me speaking in some videos and podcasts.

Android Dialogs - Victoria Gonda: Decompiling Kotlin | Watch

Thunder Nerds - Victoria Gonda: DevFest Florida 2017 | Watch

The Remote Dev | Watch

Let Kotlin Come To You

Kotlin is a statically typed, multi-platform language, developed by JetBrains. It’s use has increased dramatically in the past year. What does the language offer us, and why might we choose it? In this talk we’ll go over some of the basics of Kotlin, the benefits, and how we can use it in our day to day development. You will walk away from this talk with the tools you need to get started learning and building with Kotlin, whether you’re working with the JVM, JavaScript, or native.

GOTO Chicago 2018 | Slides

Buffer Snackchat | Watch | Slides

Accessibility on Android (Lightning talk)

In this talk, we learn about some of the basics of accessibility on Android, and how we can improve the Buffer app.

Buffer Lightning Talk | Watch | Slides

Understand Every Line of Your Kotlin Codebase

Kotlin allows us to write more concise and expressive code. Does this come at the cost of understanding it? In this talk we will learn about how each and every Kotlin statement is compiled down to a class file, and use some inspection tools to apply this to our own codebase. You will walk away from this investigation with a deeper understanding of Kotlin, and the tools for continued exploration.

KotlinConf 2017 | Watch

Grand Rapids Java Users Group Meetup

AndroidListener Chicago Meetup

Kotlin: Uncovered

Kotlin does a lot for us in the way of reducing boilerplate. But what is it really doing? We will be inspecting some decompiled Kotlin to discover how it does its job. By looking underneath at how it handles data classes, lambdas, and delegation, we can better understand how the language executes what we write. If you’re curious about the language, or already using it in production, you should walk away from this investigation with a deeper understanding of Kotlin, and some tools for continued exploration. Read more

Droidcon Boston 2017 | Watch | Slides

Chicago Roboto 2017 (Keynote) | Watch | Slides

Google I/O Extended GR 2017 | Slides

360|AnDev 2017 | Watch | Slides

Strangeloop 2017 | Watch | Slides

DevFest Florida 2017 | Slides

.droidconSF 2017 | Watch | Slides

Shedding Light on Development Process (Lightning talk)

There are many steps included in working on an application end to end. Researching, assessing requirements, and addressing an end user’s needs are all part of this. Turns out, it follows many of the same steps as those for designing lights for a dance or theater performance. This talk will bring some enlightenment to the things lighting designers and software developers can bring to each other. Read more

Windy City Rails 2017 | Watch | Slides

Program Like A Dancer (Lightning talk)

We can learn a lesson from dancers about how to respond to feedback. Read more

RubyConf 2016 | Watch | Slides