Victoria Gonda
Victoria Gonda
Victoria Gonda

About Me


I’m a software developer and dancer.

I love the work I do at Buffer on their Android team. I enjoy learning about new things, and applying them to my work. You can keep up to date on the things I've been working on by subscribing to my newsletter.

You can often find me at conferences exchanging information with others as a speaker. Come say hello if you spot me at one!

In addition to speaking at conferences, I also write for Ray Wenderlich. I'm a part of their Android team, helping to educate people in Android and Kotlin.

Dance is another important part of my life. I’ve taken classes in various styles since kindergarten, but these days I spend most my time with either ballet or swing dance.

While studying at Hope College, I also started getting involved in dance technology and dance production. I had a couple projects that worked together with a dancer and an Xbox Kinect, and did a significant amount of lighting design. Ask me about them, I love talking about it!

When I’m not out doing these things, you can probably find me playing board games with friends, or curled up at home with a good book and my cat, Peter Pan, and hedgehog, Khoshekh.

Recent Blogs

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In this Android accessibility tutorial, learn how to make apps that everyone can use, including people with vision, motor, or hearing disabilities.


The parallels between the lighting design process in dance and software development

Did you know there are parallels between the lighting design process in dance and software development. Victoria Gonda, our resident dance expert and software developer breaks it down for you.


Writing a regression test for clicking an autolink

On Android, we can use autolink to let users open links that are displayed in a text view. How can we write a test to make sure this functionality isn’t removed though? openLinkWithText is the key.

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